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Janice Eddy

Welcome to my website. My initial impulse in creating it was to share, in this wider arena, the counselling work that I do. Upon reflection, I decided to expand the site to include another form of creativity which nourishes me, i.e. jewellery making.

What do these two practices have in common, I asked myself?

I find that both challenge and satisfy me in similar ways. Both demand the ability to respond to the person or materials before me, a response to the moment which I cannot predict, and which hopefully is a catalyst for fresh connections and solutions. Both require sensitivity to what is inside and what is outside me and the faith that tuning in will lead to something useful and beautiful.

And finally, to practise both with conviction and aliveness requires me to renew, on an ongoing basis, my trust in the mystery which lies behind the creative impulse--the life force which flows through, connects, and guides us all, seeking healing and resolution.

For me the practice of therapy and the crafting of objects are essentially forms of spiritual expression.

















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You can contact me by telephone:   01309 676006

email: janeddy@uwclub.net

or post: 4 Hilltop Road, Forres, Moray IV36 1FW, Scotland, UK.