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What is it? Who is it for?

It's a big world, and the challenges each of us faces can seem overwhelming. When that happens, family and friends may not be available to us, or we may want to talk to a more neutral, trained listener. Someone outside our immediate circle of support who offers a professional, confidential service.

Counselling often deals with issues of concern or crisis. But while times of stress and change may cause us to seek support, counselling also is useful as a means of growth and enhanced self-awareness.

Sometimes simply sensing that there is more to life and to ourselves than we are in touch with may inspire us to want to explore what this "more" consists of. Counselling can help in a search for new direction and meaning.

Although it is a big world, and we may at times feel confused and vulnerable, it is also a small world, in the sense that human beings are similar in basic and important ways, and we are all in this world together.

Counselling can help us to get in touch with our similarities to others as well as our uniqueness, and to sense our common strivings, helping ease our sense of isolation.

All of us no doubt could, at certain seasons in our lives, benefit from counselling.

My Approach

My approach to counselling is both humanistic and transpersonal. I view the client as a partner in our work together, responsible for where h/she wants that work to go. I provide attention, respect, and companionship on the journey, as well as information and guidance when appropriate. My intention is to create a sense of spaciousness and safety in which the client can contemplate the possibility of change.

Exploration of the past often is a feature of this work, facilitating the awareness of unconscious blocks and negative messages which stand in the way of a creative and nourishing life.

I seek to enable the client to achieve an expanded relationship to the self, leading to greater integration and wholeness.

Training and Experience

My twenty-plus years of clinical experience includes work in hospitals, an outpatient family service agency, and 25 years of private practice with individuals and couples. Among concerns frequently presented are:

bulletRelationship problems
bulletSignificant life changes
bulletMid-life crisis
bulletAddiction-related issues in self or others

I have presented training sessions to other health practitioners, and conducted classes, workshops, and groups on addiction and co-dependency.

I contributed the chapter entitled "Twelve Steps Programme" to the book Medical Marriage; The New Partnership between Orthodox and Complementary Medicine, published in 1997 by Findhorn Press.


Professional Qualifications


B.A., University of Illinois


M.A. in Counselling Psychology,
H.E.E.D. University, Florida


Certification in Addiction Counselling, State of Illinois
















You can contact me by telephone:   01309 676006


or post: 4 Hilltop Road, Forres, Moray IV36 1FW, Scotland, UK.

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